As a property owner, carpet cleaning is perhaps among the most difficult jobs that you will ever come across. Those plush fibers and bright colors that they have to add beauty to a house. However, they can also attract dirt and dust easily. Thus, if you want to keep your carpets look fresh and new, it’s essential to have them deep cleaned from time to time. This article will be discussing a few general tips in terms of taking care of your home carpeting and how to clean your carpets effectively. Keep on reading to know more. 

How frequently should I vacuum my carpet? 

Regular vacuuming is one way of reducing the buildup of dirt in your carpets. Ensure to vacuum at least twice a month, but it’s always best to do it once a week. Give your carpet flooring some additional vacuuming once you, your pets, or your kids become super busy. 

The restrictions of vacuuming 

Remember that vacuuming is not a substitute for deep carpet cleaning. Before starting to clean your carpets, it’s important to know that there are various types of carpets and carpet fibers. Hence, the carpet cleaning job must not be approached haphazardly. Otherwise, it could cause damage to your carpets and could lead to a costly carpet replacement job. 

Frequency of cleaning residential carpet 

Residential carpets must be deep cleaned at least once every year. However, delaying the job for more than one and a half years is unforgivable. But if your carpets are abused by your pets, subjected to heavy traffic by your children, or if you have brightly-colored carpets, then you should get professional?carpet cleaning services Raleigh NC?even more often, for at least twice or thrice annually. 

Water extraction carpet cleaning 

Carpet cleaning methods are different and vary from one to the other. The one you opt for depends on what you like to get. But if you want to get the greatest outcomes, the technique of water extraction seems to be the most preferred residential carpet cleaning for a lot of property owners. 

Water extraction carpet cleaning involves utilizing a machine to power out the dirt using a cleaning solution and water mixture. Then, the solution is eliminated using the powerful vacuum of the machine, captivating and eliminating all the amassed dirt in your carpets over time. 

Carpet stain removal 

In other instances, a small part of your carpet may have gotten more wear and tear compared to the other parts of your carpet as a whole. If this happens, substitute measures should be applied to remove the annoying stain from your carpets. Utilizing a concentrated form of cleaning solution and directly applying it to the stain is one of those carpet cleaning methods that has proven to be extremely effective in removing carpet stain. But, before you try this process of stain removal, check whether the fibers of your carpets can endure the concentrated cleaning solution. 

Get a professional carpet cleaning service if you want to have a stress-free cleaning job and a fresh- and good-looking carpet.